Parkolay | Calle Manuel Gonzalez Longorıa, 10, Madrıd, Spaın, Parkule 100, Fully Automated Car Parkıng System


The “El Edificio Longoria 10” building located in the center of Madrid is a new housing project built under the most strict criteria of quality and sustainability.

The design of this underground solution includes a Cantilaver Lift in an Entrance-Exit Room transporting the vehicles to the Parkule 100 Lift travelling in a depth of 20 m. with a speed of 0.5 m/s.The solution also includes a Turntable on the Automatic Transfer Mechanism during transfer process that allows an easy entry and exit to the transfer area, without many maneuvering skills from the users.

This parking facility can welcome up to 40 vehicles. (80% SUV) Thanks to the World’s fastest pallet transfer mechanism developed in-house, the retrieval time is minimal as such that 33% of the total parking capacity can be evacuated with in maximum one hour.