Parkolay | Parkist 111

Parkist 111

Parkist 111

Parkist 111 and Parkist 222

The systems provide independent parking with pit for permanent user.

In lower/middle/upper position the cars can enter/exit on lower/middle/upper platform.


• The system provides 3 times valetless capacity increase at one parking area with independent parking utility.
• Provides speed and convenience with using lower platforms for long-stand parking and upper platforms for short-stand parking.
• Usable both indoor and outdoor parking.
• Innovative plain platform surface design makes both walking and driving more comfortable.
• Using the system in succession, vehicles can reach in the back systems on cover at the enterance level.
• Standard parking space capacity of 2.200 kg /car and unique option 2.800 kg/ car

“A savior” flat platform surface design for comfortable walking
Users deserve more comfort. Our platform design offers comfort beyond your expectations. The flat platforms provide much comfort while walking and driving on. Whoever uses it like it: Elderly or young, male or female. High heels are no
longer an issue!