Parkolay | EVO Otomotiv, Maslak


Including a lift well later in the building is often difficult. PHP 220F hydraulic vehicle platform; It was easily applied with a single platen wall that provides a large clear usage area in the small wells without requiring the machine room on the depth and depth of the well.

As with many post-conversion projects, it was possible for the PHP 220F to be able to form the steel wall profiles needed only at one edge. Now vehicles are transported easily and safely from the entrance floor to the service floor. Parkolay's documented quality and experience; has offered a solution in the automotive sector that serves international quality, technical and safety standards.


Doors:3 (First floor on both sides)

Endurance Distance: 600 cm

Platform Dimension: 550 x 250 cm

Pit Dimension: 560 x 300 cm

Pit Depth: min. 25 cm

Operating Speed: 0.15 m/sn

Capacity: 3000 kg (max)