Parkolay | Belbez Apartment, Kadıköy


The structure and dimensions of the parcel were not suitable for the ramp to access the garage floor of the detached house. Moreover, within the adjacent pulling distance to which the Car Lift was to be applied, a lift entrance and exit room could not be made according to the construction rules. Under these conditions, the solution needed was provided with our PHP 222C Clamshell Type Car Lift. The PHP 222C Clamshell Type Car Lift carries a cover that covers the top of the well. This allows the lift shaft to be safely closed, without the mass of an inlet and outlet chamber, and it is also possible to park the vehicle on the cover. It is covered with the desired material and harmonized with the landscape and general structure aesthetics. When the driver is requested by the driver, the vehicle platform under the raised lid comes to the surface and after the vehicle enters the platform, the lid goes down and the lid closes the lift well. The car lift disappears, the area becomes public and you reach the parking lot with your car. Parkolay the solution to access the parking lot!