Parkolay | Özkan Çakar Business Center, Düzce


Be able to Düzce and Turkey's first remote-controlled semi-automatic parking system applications with modern Özkan Age 33 opposite the Governor's vehicle in the parking area of 330m2 independently at Business Center is provided.

The driver, who wants to park his vehicle in the system, prepares his own parking space with his / her remote control, opens the automatic door and parks the vehicle. The driver who wants to get his vehicle uses his remote to prepare the car for exit, the door opens automatically and the driver closes automatically after taking the vehicle.

The number of parking spaces in one basement is reached by means of a two-storey, semi-automatic semi-automatic parking system, which has been parked on top of each other. The parking system, where drivers use the parking spaces allocated to each other without being dependent on each other, provides a secure parking service with automatic doors.

In order to park 2 vehicles in a single vehicle instead of a single vehicle, Parkist 01 typeless type dependent mechanical parking system is used.