Parkolay | Nef 06, POINTS, Kağıthane, Parkartı Full Automatic Parking System


The construction volume per parking place is only 43 cbm. When the users arrive in front of the system, they are instructed to park their vehicles on the pallet within an entry-exit room of which the door opens automatically. When leaving the room from the pedestrian door, users enter the license plate information through the touch-screen control panel; after which the system moves the vehicle to the parking floor.

At the exit, the users instruct the retrieval of the vehicle by entering the license plate information into the control panel. The longest retrieval time is 180 sec.

PARKARTI system’s lift is situated in the middle of two parking axes and works quickly and safely with to the conveyor system which can place the pallets, on which the vehicles are transported, in succession.

Thanks to PARKARTI technology, the desired parking capacity of this project has been achieved with the comfort and safety of fully-automated system installed in a small area where parking arrangement cannot be established.