Parkolay | Lighting Of Parking Garages


Parking lights are important for both the designers of the project and the parking users. While it is important for users to feel safe and to park easily without harming their vehicles, high costs, sustainability and reduction of CO2 emissions are important for those who implement the project.

In addition to these, while parking is planned to be illuminated, some special technical difficulties must be taken precautions:

1. Contrasts between daytime lighting and interior parking lighting conditions

2. Long distance and wide parking spaces

3. Irregularity or irregular lighting conditions in regions where planar surfaces dominate

4. Effective identification of problem areas; energy consumption, service of lights and operational costs

Over-illuminated car parks are beyond debate if they provide better safety standards than those with poor lighting. As the parking area expands, the consumption of electrical energy also increases. For this reason, it is quite complicated to plan, install and operate lighting plants, to provide the most appropriate lighting (and user friendly), to meet all the lighting needs of the parking lot, to minimize the energy costs and lost of similar problems should be solved in every car park project.

Combination of Engineering and Architectural Design

The Le Flon Center Underground Car Park, located in Lausanne, Switzerland, is one of the example projects related to lighting in parking lots, as well as architectural design features.

L'arbre à l'envers, which runs down the entrance ramp, tells the story of this place, which was once a green meadow and later transformed into stone quarry.

For more information, please refer to the Construction and Desing Manual Parking Structures book which published by DOM.