Parkolay | Parkolay Delivers Turkey’s and Europe’s Largest Public Automated Car Parking System


In April 2022, Parkolay delivered an automated parking system offering a parking capacity of 636 parking spaces for Ýzmir Municipality. 
The car parking system in Ýzmir Municipality is Turkey’s and Europe’s largest public automated car parking system.

After the first successful system inaugurated in 2014, Izmir Municipality once again collaborated with Parkolay to develop and implement a project in Bayraklý, an area hosting large business centers and the Palace of Justice. The decision was made to meet the increasing parking needs of the second biggest city in Turkey.

The 46m high car parking system built of steel structure on an area of 1,100 sqm consists of 18 car parking levels, 6 of which are dedicated to SUV cars and 12 to Sedan-type cars.

Thanks to Parkolay’s sophisticated technology, integrated software and fastest pallet transfer mechanism on the Market, the system offers 6 independent exit/entry rooms allowing to park-in or -out 6 cars simultaneously in less than 2 minutes. The electrical lift in each room includes a turntable allowing Users to retrieve their cars at the exit direction, eliminating, therefore, the maneuvering time and any related risks.

The project separates the cars and pedestrian traffics by creating a waiting area accessible from the other side of the entry/exit room, offering a safe, comfortable and relaxing waiting area in which Users can wait for their cars to be ready for retrieval.